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About Us     

Faith Associates was established in 1976. The organization draws its strength from its family background in business for over 100 years. Enriched with experience for almost two and half decades in Petroleum Products, for one decade each in Engineering Industry and Downstream Petroleum Products related to energy, engineering and rubber industries, Mr. Abdul Sattar laid the foundation of a Marketing Co. as a free lancer, and Kota Trading Co. it's affiliate in 1996 as a proprietary concern, with independent sectors of marketing activity.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • To source quality products and market at affordable prices.

  • To serve tyre and rubber industry with approved quality products and to increase sphere of service.

  • To launch innovative products for quality improvement, standardization and high degree of productivity.

  • To channelize experience of textile industry in high tech textile software skill for:

  1. Training and producing IT personnel experts in textile weaving and jacquard software application.

  2. To market textile CAD/CAM application systems.

  • To represent reputable organizations in Pakistan for market development of their products.

  • To provide IT solutions, consultancy and multi-media marketing solutions.

  • To look for markets for domestic products.

  • To serve as buying agents, distributors and service providers.

  • To work as representatives, agents, and facilitators for organizations interested in their product development, surveys and marketing in Pakistan.

  • To create reputation as a reliable, efficient and a friendly business organization in and outside of Pakistan.  


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