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A good CAD system should enable you to create design ideas quickly and easily to enhance the way that you already work. It should be able to fit seamlessly into your current working practices and become a valuable timesaving, creative tool that works with you.

The following is a list of check points that any good CAD system for woven textiles should be capable.

Design (CAD)

  • Easy to use and learn.

  • Good instruction manuals and online help.

  • Allow you to create libraries of yarns, weaves and designs.

  • Allow you to create and change designs quickly and easily.

  • Use the computer screen to accurately visualise the fabric.

  • Generate new designs ideas quickly and easily.

Production (CAM)

  • Obtain accurate printouts with a colour printer.

  • Obtain printed production data (loom card) with weaving instructions.

  • Create data to interface with electronic textile machinery.

  • Send design information by e-mail easily to other sites.

Most CAD system should be capable of all of these points but it is always worth checking before buying - do not take it for granted that even the more obvious features will be available.

What If I Don't Need All of These Features ?
ScotWeave is a professional package aimed at larger weaving organisations or suppliers to large weaving organisations rather than individual "home" or "craft" weavers. If so then kindly contact us for tailored solutions.




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