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We are proud to be the first in Pakistan for dynamic digital signage system.

Whether you call it Digital Signage, Dynamic Signage, Narrowcasting, Datacasting, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Electronic Display Networks, Retail TV, Employee TV, Captive Audience Networks, Out-of-Home Media Networks, Digital Media Networks, Electronic Billboards or any of the other terms out there today, Scala has the digital signage software that will bring your digital signs to life.


Brought to you by Scala - the undisputed global leader in Dynamic Digital Signage Solutions.

If you have a message to communicate on 1 or 1000’s of Electronic Displays of any type, shape, size or resolution – you NEED Scala’s InfoChannel  software suite!

InfoChannel  gives you unprecedented power to communicate your messages with maximum impact, to any target audience when and where you choose. Running on affordable, industry standard, PC’s, it provides the complete end-to-end software solution for creating, managing and controlling:

• Digital Dynamic Signage Networks in Retail or Public Spaces
• Entertainment & Information Networks at Casinos, Cruise Ships & Sports Venues:
• Corporate Communications & Training Networks
• Cinema Advertising Networks (using networked projectors to replace slides)
• Information and Learning Channels (passive or interactive)
• Cable and Community Access Television Channels
• Outdoor Advertising/Signage Displays of any type, shape, size or resolution
• Hotel Information and Lobby systems
• Restaurant Menu and Waiting Area Information systems
• Interactive Kiosks, etc…

Scala’s InfoChannel  software suite provides all the tools you need to:

• Create/author multi-media content (incorporating your existing media assets where required)
• Schedule Playback of content (dayparting, demographically targeted groups, any date/time, etc)
• Distribute content to multiple locations nationwide or around the world
• Optimize bandwidth (store-and-forward architecture allows intelligent & scheduled transfers)
• 24/7/365 Control of Playback (including local insertion of real-time content at point of playback)
• Receive Status and proof-of-playback feedback from 1 to 1000’s of connected displays
• Field-Proven Scalability (networks of one to thousands of displays can easily be created & managed)
• Control external devices at point of playback (e.g: video switchers, switch on/off displays, etc)
• Interact with corporate POS/ERP systems, online databases, etc (fully programmable platform)
• Support both terrestrial and satellite (multi-cast) communications networks.

Founded in 1987 and driving more than 100,000 screens in more than 30 countries, Scala has the staying
power, technology, experience and support to ensure the success of YOUR next project. You too, can benefit
from our extensive, field-proven, “been there, done that” experience worldwide.

So if you are planning to deliver YOUR message on any type of Electronic Displays (Plasma, LCD,
CRT’s or TV’s, Outdoor LED signs, Digital Projectors, etc), want central control of your message with
optional insertion of locally relevant, dynamically generated content…

…and want TV-like (or HDTV) quality output, a proven scalable architecture and 24x7x365 operation
of YOUR multi-media or advertising network – you NEED a Scala InfoChannel  solution!

About Scala

Scala is the world leader in providing software solutions for digital signage and private television networks.
With Scala’s award-winning InfoChannel Software Suite, you can visually communicate your brand and your message quickly and easily to both employees and customers, all from a central location.

Scala Markets

• Retail Digital Signage and TV Networks (promote weekly specials)
• Corporate Communications and Call Centers to communicate with employees
• Entertainment Venue—stadiums, arenas, theme parks, movie theaters
• Digital Menu Boards—increase your average revenue per customer

• Waiting Areas—Doctor’s offices, auto care, banks, airports
• Education—Multimedia in the classroom and on cable TV
• Cable TV—Real estate channels, city government and school channels
• Government—Emergency alert networks, military networks
• Hospitality—Casinos, cruiseships, hotels, restaurants

• Public Spaces—Outdoor, shopping malls, airports
• Interactive—Multimedia-rich, self-service kiosks

Scala Coverage                    
• Digital Signage Networks      
• Video Networks                    
• Scheduled Communiqués       
• Interactive Kiosks                  

Best Fit Applications
• In-store Promotions
• Staff Training and Employee Communications
• Instant Messaging for Plasma Screens
• Sponsored Ads

Scala Fit—Optimum Profile
Visionary/progressive/forward-thinking senior level executive
FORTUNE®1000 size organizations that have multiple locations with
the need to broadcast branded visual messages in a tightly-controlled/
granular manner
Exploring ways to generate additional revenue utilizing existing
(and some new) infrastructure.

System Overview
Scala: InfoChannel
a. Designer (imports/creates, sequences and schedules content)
b. Network Manager (automates the distribution of content)
c. Players (download and play back content)
d. Network Manager (monitoring, logging)
Reseller Services:
a. System Integration & Installation
b. Training and Support
c. Content Management Services
d. Consulting
Content Lifecycle:
a. Content Design
b. Content Updating
c. Content Distribution/Network Mgt.
d. Playback Affidavits




Our Offerings

We provide turn-key solutions for digital signage  systems. That includes the followings

  • Consultancy/Analysis
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • System Integration
  • Deployments
  • Content Creation
  • Training
  • Aftersales Support


Some facts about Scala:

The pioneer in digital signage
Over 18 year of expertise
Over 20,000 installations Worldwide

That makes the Scala the leader in digital signage

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