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pling Loom introduction


SL8900 Sampling Loom

The new SL8900 is based on the success of the widely accepted SL7900. It has been developed from the latest sampling and control techniques. This new generation of sampling loom is equipped with fully comprehensive automation ,keasier operations and a new appearance. It is higher in speed and has a reduced level of noise. New warp preparation unites especially designed to work with this sampling loom are also being launched at the same time. This complements the automation in sampling with higher flexibility.



Sampling Loom feature


SL8900 utilizes additional separate motor controlled modules. The co-ordination of all movements are computerized, thus allowing the user to control easily all the operations through the user-friendly interface of the computer. This gives simpler and more accurate control.

Higher flexibility is one of the main features of the sampling loom. There are more possibilities available for both the length and width of the fabric samples. The improved support from new complementary units results in more convenient operations on the sampling loom and better overall functiongality.


Base on the design files stored in the controller, all Dobby shadings are achieved through the up and down movement of the heald frames which are driven by air cylinders and are computer.


Constant warp tension during weaving is achieved through the precise electronic let off device. This is critical in obtaining a good quality sample.

This unique weft insertion system us specially designed for the sampling loom. It utilities the single rapier weft insertion and scissor-less mechanism making it simpler and requiring less adjustment. It is also equipped with a multi-colour pneumatic automatic weft selection device.


Electronic take-up device is the main factor in achieving precise weft density; it also allows different weft density to co-exist in the same weave. SL8900 provides two types of fabric take-up device, suitable for bath short and long yardage of fabric take-up giving higher flexibility

Independent driven beat-up device. The precise servo-motor which activates the beat-up is controlled directly the computer. To satisfy different weaving requirement ,the beat-up can be done in different position. Speed and time can also be adjusted directly through the computer.


User-friendly Windows based interface operation. All the information is displayed on the large LCD monitor. The provides ease of operation of SL8900.It is also equipped with wire or wireless network expansion capability.




Sampling Loom Technical information



Weaving Width
10-20 inches
45 ppm maximum (with reference to fabric width of 20 inches)
Weft Selector
6 colours electronic weft selection device. Maximum up to 8 colors (Optional)
Fabric Take-up
Electronically controlled. Weft density can be changed freely within the same weave
Warp let-off
Positive electronically controlled. Constant warp tension could be maintained during weaving.
Computerised controlled. Maximum 20 heald frames driven pneumatically by air cylinders
(1st & 2nd heald frames are for leno & selvedges)
Heald frames can be separated from the loom for healds and reeds draw-in
Separate warp beam or manual warping could both be used
Weft Insertion
Single rapier weft insertion. Speed could be controlled independently through the computer
Computerised servo-motor controlled. Beat-up could be done in different positions
Weft Breaks
Mechanical weft-break detection device. Loom stops when weft breaks
Warp Breaks
Photo-electric warp-break detection device. Loom stops when weft breaks
Built-in SEdit design and editing software. It could also be installed separately on other PC for design works
Air Consumption
580L/min. Air pressure6-9kgf/cm2
220V Single phase, 50-60Hz
PC BASED controller / Windows XP operating system



Sampling Loom Optional Devices

  Fork Lift Truck
To lift and install the drawn-in heald frames into the loom quickly and efficiently








Hanking Device
Warping is achieved through simple hanking. A counter is provided for simple operation







Separate Stand for Heald Frames
This allows the draw-in of healds and reed to be done separately from the loom which increases the efficiency of sampling tremendously



Sampling Loom software


The new version SEdit provides not only the design facilities for weaves & weft selection and all the necessary information required on the SL8900,but also information on warp arrangement is added for use with sampling warper. The strengthened editing facility is another major change to the new SEdit  
Dobbytronic is an icon driven interface software. All the information of the sampling loom is displayed in both text and icons. SL8900 can therefore be easily controlled and operated through the buttons on the control panel and the icon drive interface



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