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Ring Warper









pling Loom introduction

Ring Warper

Preparation of wrap beam is an important process in the development of woven fabrics. It is also always the bottle neck for small quantity production or sampling. Traditional warping methods can no more satisfy the need for a wrap beam with small quality of yarn or otherwise it require extra production resources.
The newly developed "Ring-Warping" from CCI is the best solution for sampling which requires only small quantity of warp. Ring-warping requires the minimum quantity of bobbins and it allows different kind of wrap to be arranged freely in line with designs.

Ring-Warping is a completely new way of warping and is different and is different to the traditional methods. A big "Ring"-warp winder , revolves around the drum on which warp is aligned precisely according to the length and arrangement specified in the designed. Warp can be arranged freely within the maximum number of colours available. This way of warping requires minimum space.

The "Ring Warper" is the best option amongst others for small quantity warping. Warping could be carried out easily any quantity of bobbins or yarn. It also handles all different kind of warp arrangements and densities without problem. The brand new LUTAN Ring Warper, provides the industry with the most economical, convenient and efficient way of warping.






Innovative Warp Winding Device- The"Ring"

The sharp gives the name of the warper. One or more warp us would accurately and neatly on the drum by the Ring at high speed, its position on the drum is controlled by the precise traverse moving device. With the control from both direction , the wearing on the warp is reduced to minimum. Hence ,results in the best quality warp beam.





Pneumatic leasing Device

Provides accurate and stable movement. There are two groups with one in the beginning and the other at the end. This gives choices to users when extra beaming is required



Computerized Colour Selection

The traverse movement of the device is computerized and is synchronized with the same position giving full automatic change of wrap colour.




User friendly interface installed with the most widely used windows operating system. The status of the wrapper is clearly displayed in coins and text on the big LCD monitor. Design and browsing of warp arrangements could easily be achieved through the built-in design software.





Working width
Warping Speed
500m/min maximum (single end speed)
Drum Diameter
Colour Selection
8 colour pneumatic driven selection device
with accumulators and yarn breakage sensors
Beaming Unit
Adjustable and electrically controlled
Leasing Device
5 pneumatic driven leasing rods, works in 2 groups
Warp Arrangement
Builit-in Sedit design software, or through network transfer
PC based controller
Operating System
Windows XP
Air Pressure
5-9 kgf/cm2
220V single & 3 phase, 50-60Hz



Optional Devices

  Beaming Unit
Stable and fully automatic. Beam loading and doffing warp alignment and traverse movement are controlled automatically. Simple and users-friendly operations.






LUTAN is equipped with either stationary or rotatory creel. In order to achieve the best quality warp beam, all reels are installed with yarn accumlators and tension regulators.






LUTAN utilizes the latest Windows operating system.hence provides the most user-friendly interface and the best expansion capability.

  LUTAN comes with the latest version of Sedit the built-in editing software for woven fabrics. User can edit the warp arrangements directly on LUTAN or through other personal computer which installed with Sedit. The software could also be used with other CCI machines. It provides user with information on the fabric designs like warp & weft arrangement , weaves and weft densities.



Lutronic is a Window based icon driven interface. It allows user to understand the status of the LUTAN through icons and text. With its user-friendly nature, all machine operations and setting could be input in the most direct and easiest way.


LUTAN has strong expansion capability. It could link up with other CCI equipment , personal computers or even internet through wire or wireless network to carry out transfer & sharing of information. It works even with mobile devices. Connection option could be tailor made according to the requirement of user(Optional).


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