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ScotWeave software is simple to use but the enormous wealth of features means that user training, although not essential, is highly recommended. The amount of training required depends upon -

  • The number of users requiring training.

  • The previous experience of the system user(s).

  • The complexity of the design work for which ScotWeave will be used.

For best results we recommend several days of initial training at the time of installation of ScotWeave followed by a few days of advanced training once the system has been in use for a month or so. By this time the user(s) will appreciate how they need to use ScotWeave and will know what questions to ask in order to get the most of their training.

Training can be carried out at our office based in Karachi. Training will be carried out by experienced training staff of Faith Associates.

You can obtain costs for training by contacting ScotWeave or Faith Associates..




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