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Dynamic Signage

Extend your promotional efforts with eye-catching          
content for displays ranging from hanging monitors
to interactive kiosks. Easily broadcast or narrowcast
and update your national or local scheduled visual
messaging. Monitor network up-time and retrieve
log statistics to measure ad run times and generate
billing affidavits.

Advantages                                                                                                           Increase revenue with dynamic ads
Target and update messages by time and location
Interface with POS/ERP systems and RS-232 devices


Retail in-store advertising
Bank messaging, real-time stocks
Airport, train station signage
Hotel in-room channels
Stadium billboards, menus


Corporate Communications

Distribute company communications with the power
of television in your work areas, lobbies and offices.
Easily create and customize multimedia productions
for in-house TV channels, presentations or training.
Boost morale and maximize effectiveness by getting
the right message to the right people at the right

Improve communications
Save production time and money
Boost employee morale

Company announcements
Training, distance learning
Sales presentations, forecasts
Call centers


Cable TV Channels

Create your own high quality TV channels with text,
graphics and video that can be scheduled and updated
even while on the air. Enhance your programming
and photo advertising with text data, weather,
news, and video via MPEG 1 or 2 or even switch to
and control external VCRs, DVDs, and LDs.

Generate advertising revenue
Promote shows and channels
Support the community

News, weather, traffic, sports
Advertising channels
Community bulletin boards
Channel guides, event calendars
Up-next spots



Create powerful educational presentations and interactive
classes with ease and speed. Combine fullscreen
effects, animation and video to communicate
with impact. Scala's full range of solutions lets you
take advantage of both TV and web, and offers students
the ability to learn and create multimedia with
rewarding results.

Utilize the power and motion of television
Enable students to learn multimedia
Increase excitement and retention

School announcements
District information
Weather delays, advisories
Student projects
Distance learning



For the past 15 years, Scala has developed software
to quickly update media content whether you are a
public television producer, an emergency management
operator, or even a military communication
specialist. Whenever and wherever you need to target
a message visually, Scala's InfoChannel suite can
make it happen.

Inform the community in minutes
Coordinate emergency management
Rally morale with better feedback

Emergency messaging
Public notices
Inter-agency communication
News, weather, alerts
Police, fire stations


Interactive Kiosks

Create your own interactive content for kiosk networks
and update them individually or all at once
over the Internet. With amazing visual effects, realtime
data display, and seamless media integration, focus
on your creative ideas instead of technical limitations.
Never a gain worry about isolated or CDbased
systems going out-of-date.

Show inventory and information in real-time
Increase brand power and enhance point-of-sale
Produce multimedia without being a programmer

Interactive entertainment
Corporate training
Line queuing
Museum exhibits
Dynamic menus


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Dubai airport
      Damietta Port Egypt
      Istanbul international airport
      Paderborn Germany Airport
      FC Basel Stadium


     Some clients
      Afnor Coporate system
      Dusit Hotel
      Hypo bank
      Raiffeisien bank Austria
      Raiffeisien bank Itlay
      Rabo bank


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     Madrid Polytechnic University




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