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Read some success stories in dynamic digital signage, corporate communications, cable television, and more.

BRD-Societe Generale Download Case StudyDownload Case Study

To improve the BRD-Societe Generale Group bank's business and community stature, Monopoly Media, a certified Scala Partner in Bucharest, Romania created "BRD TV", a sophisticated digital TV signage network using Scala InfoChannel®.

T-Systems and Power Media Launch the First Pharmacy TV Channel in Poland Download PDFT-Systems and Power Media Launch the First Pharmacy TV Channel in Poland

T-Systems Polska, a Scala Certified Partner, launched the first dynamic advertising network for Power Media. Power Media is a target-oriented media company involved in developing branded commercials that broadcast to sales outlets. The company's activities are focused on the pharmaceutical market.

Surface Navy Association Uses Avocent LongView® Wirless Extender in an “un” Conventional Approach Download PDFSurface Navy Association Uses Avocent LongView® Wirless Extender in an “un” Conventional Approach

When the Surface Navy Association (SNA) began to plan their annual symposium last year they knew they had a challenge on their hands. A variety of exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions and presentations were to be held at different times on three floors at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. Thousands of attendees needed an easy way to find out what was going on at any given moment. For a solution, retired Navy Capt. Bill Erickson, executive director of the Surface Navy Association, turned to Bob Rositzke, president of Empire Video, Inc., a full service multimedia company headquartered in Springfield, Va.

New Zealand Cinema Chains Deploy First Digital Signage Network Download PDFNew Zealand Cinema Chains Deploy First Digital Signage Network

SignActive Limited, Auckland, NZ: SignActive Limited, a Scala Certified Partner, rolls out New Zealand's first cinema digital signage installation within Berkeley Cinemas and their joint venture partner Reading Cinemas. SignActive initially began discussing the concept of a digital signage network with Berkeley Cinemas almost three years ago. While talks were underway Berkeley Cinemas formulated plans for a flagship cinema that was due to open in December 2004. One of the key drivers for the project was to use plasma screens to display movie times, trailers, cinema information and advertising. Berkeley Cinemas also wanted a cutting edge cinema environment that enhanced the movie-going experience.

Travel Agents Improve Product Communication Download PDFTravel Agents Improve Product Communication

"In the 18+ months that we have been using the InfoChannel® system in the travel industry we have not had a single player fail or hang! Without Scala we would never be able to offer the level of service to our customer that we do.",says Cornel van Lingen, General Manager, Public Display Technologies.

UnoLink successfully installs the first dynamic digital audiovisual channel inside “Hospital de Clínicas Caracas”UnoLink successfully installs the first dynamic digital audiovisual channel inside “Hospital de Clínicas Caracas”

Hospital de Clínicas Caracas, the most technologically advanced health institution in Venezuela, is the first hospital to install "Vida" a digital dynamic entertainment and advertising network created by UnoLink using Scala's Infochannel software. Fourteen 42 inch, high definition plasma screens - installed in 8 different areas of the hospital - display entertainment and relevant health-related information to patients and patrons while they wait. This circuit has been fully functional 24/7 as of March 2005. It represents the first multimedia network of its kind to be installed in Latin America.

Ceridian increases productivity with displaysCeridian increases productivity with displays

In 2004, Ceridian Corporation's project manager Kelly Crossley was given the complex task of implementing real-time call center statistic displays and an employee communication system in 26 Ceridian locations across the United States.

"We found the CastNET controlled Scala InfoChannel solution offered by the Digital Display Group far superior to others we looked at."

BAE SYSTEMS Deploys Scala for Total Plant Digital Signage (Corporate Communications)BAE SYSTEMS Deploys Scala for Total Plant Digital Signage

BAE Systems in Fort Wayne, Indiana has deployed a digital signage network to provide real-time performance data and company communications to its 250,000 square-foot plant. Says Royce Binion, BAE Systems' operations program manager, "Scala software coupled with Digital AV's support has provided us with a truly world-class communication system for our employees."

Warner Bros. Movieworld (Theme Park)Warner Bros. Movieworld

To provide a smoother and dynamically updated customer information service, Warner Bros. Movieworld, the worldwide-known Theme Park chain turned to ASVideo, who naturally chose Scala to provide interactive digital signage and deliver a first of its kind In-Location Interactive Channel in Madrid.

NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament (Event Organization)NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament

Faced with complex challenges in the management of the information during the NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament, NEC turned to Scala InfoChannel3 award-winning solution to integrate and dynamically display live streaming video with up-to-date location information of all the players on the green.

Azizia-Panda Supermarket (Supermarket Chain)Azizia-Panda Supermarket

Looking for a way to increase "Top of Mind" brand awareness and increase sales among supermarket shoppers, Azizia-Panda launches the first of its kind in-store TV network in Saudi Arabia. The network consists of a 350 screens, and is expected to expand to 1000 by the end of the year.

Peabody-Essex Museum (Museum Information)Peabody-Essex Museum

The main admissions desk signage includes a high-resolution 42" plasma screen that shows information about the latest museum exhibits. The ticket counter is the perfect place to educate new visitors about ongoing exhibits as well as daily events, and it can all be continuously updated behind the cashier without interrupting customers or his workday.

Hilton Auckland (Hotel Channel)Hilton Auckland

Their idea was simple: control and automate a music video service and distribute it not just to the 50" plasma screen in the bar, but also to a channel on the hotel television dial. These requirements led Paul Evans, Director of Operations for the Hilton Auckland, to InfoChannel for several reasons.

Dialect (Digital Signage)Dialect

Not only does the InfoChannel network allow for nationwide distribution of scheduled content increasing the entire chain's efficiency, but it also provides a conduit for each local store to make its own unique updates. Individual store managers love the ability to join in a solution that gives the double benefit of corporate branding while retaining some creative freedom if so desired.

Olayo Herrera Airport (Transportation)Olayo Herrera Airport

Due to the wide range of data displayed, a template was created in Scala's InfoChannel Designer to accommodate existing information and real-time additions to the database. Though dynamic, the text displays with effects and transitions just as if it had been pre-rendered thanks to Scala's store-and-forward playback methodology. Parts of the broadcast in this format include quotes of the day, daily almanac facts, weather forecasts, and current events updated by the local newspaper.

P&O Cruise Lines (Hospitality)P&O Cruise Lines

Resiliance and quality have been maintained thanks to the 24/7 performance of Scala's content management software and MPEG-2 movie hardware decoders. The systems are RAID equipped and use Scala InfoChannel Network Manager's health monitoring functions to enable P&O to keep an eye on the status of their new network without needing to check every screen.

Rugby World Cup (Stadium Signage)Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup's sports presentation group wanted a system to integrate live statistics and scores provided by Unisys, as well as referee penalty explanations, live to each of the 10 stadiums across the continent. They chose InfoChannel for its ability to integrate with external data sources and be centrally controlled and coordinated. Scala software was also the perfect choice to match the same look and feel of the broadcast graphics with its real-time rendering of visual effects.

Smedjan Shopping Complex (Digital Signage)Smedjan Shopping Complex

As revolutionary as plasma screens have been to dynamic in-store marketing, they are not the best solution for every problem. So on the front of the building, a single, much brighter 312" digital billboard soon replaced the 2x3 plasma matrix that provided a 114" display. Yet not all was lost when it came to the misused plasmas; they were soon repurposed into indoor digital displays inside the shopping mall also now displaying Scala content with a total of five InfoChannel Players.

McKee Foods (Corporate Communications)McKee Foods

Not every employee has the time or inclination to stop and check email or read notes stuck on the wall. McKee Foods, makers of Little Debbie snacks, therefore chose Scala's InfoChannel visual communications suite to give their staff another way to keep up-to-date on company news, events, and the weather forecast.

Oslo Stock Exchange (Financial Institution)Oslo Stock Exchange

One of the most important pieces of any country's modern economy is the daily trade of stocks or bonds and when it came time to update the tickers in the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE), brokers turned to the reliable and professional presentation of Scala's InfoChannel 3 visual communication suite.

NASA and Space Telescope Science Institute (Museum Exhibits)NASA and Space Telescope Science Institute

Recreating the entire universe is no easy task, and neither is getting budget-strapped planetariums up-to-date with the latest imagery downloaded every week from the Hubble Space Telescope. Yet ViewSpace is doing both... and displayed so beautifully that it keeps people coming back for more.

ITV Nightscreen (Cable Television)ITV Nightscreen

The latest digital broadcast in Britain is powered by Scala InfoChannel, delivering computer generated content to 'Nightscreen' every morning on the UK terrestrial channel, ITV1.

Brooklyn Community Access Television (Community Television)Brooklyn Community Access Television

Funded only by grants by two local cable companies, Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) reaches 450,000 subscribers and has managed to produce four professional stations cost-effectively, assisted for over a year now by the use of Scala's InfoChannel 3 software suite for broadcast design, scheduling, and playback.

Dubai International Airport (Transportation)Dubai International Airport

Varieties of content are piped into various airport venues. This information could be about the tourist points at destination, the hotels in that city, restaurants catering for those who have special diet, etc. Or it could be various TV programs carefully tailored and scheduled in differing languages depending on the destination and availability of contents.

Phoenixville Area High School (School Television)Phoenixville Area High School

Enhanced by Scala's InfoChannel 3 software suite, a new curriculum was written to support live broadcasting of school events and community calendars. Students are now involved more than ever, both during the school day and in an after school studio club, making Phoenixville a model for nearby communities and an inspiration to many educators.

Worldwide Financial News Broker (Corporate Communications)Worldwide Financial News Broker

It was the IT department's job to visually network each office together using dedicated corporate communications screens in every location around the world. "We're not talking about one building! We're talking about more than 100 offices around the world," says their director of information technology. "Scala saved my life."

Estée Lauder Display at Macy's Flagship Store (Interactive Kiosks)Estée Lauder Display at Macy's Flagship Store

Macy's flagship store on 34th Street in New York wanted to showcase a specific product to drive traffic into the store, and Estée Lauder was the cosmetics product picked. Scala's InfoChannel accomplished this by broadcasting in-store makeovers to the 4000 passersby each hour and allowing them to interact with the makeup artist?

Selected Installation Photos from Europe (Digital Signage)Selected Installation Photos from Europe

Includes photos from the Oslo Stock Exchange, Palais de Congres in Paris, large screen solutions throughout The Netherlands, Virgin Mega Store in UAE, Luxury Shop in Switzerland, Corporate Information System in France, a tradeshow in Switzerland, Goody's Restaurants in Greece, and Rabobank in The Netherlands.

Royal Easter Show (Event Signage)Royal Easter Show

Every year the Royal Easter Show brings together everything that is Australian, from agriculture to entertainment, into one huge exhibition. To inform and direct almost 900,000 people over a two-week period, show organizers needed a flexible platform to maintain the messaging on their larger than life digital billboards and Scala's InfoChannel software suite exceeded their expectations.

Nationwide Hardware Chain (Digital Signage)Nationwide Hardware Chain

Each of the more than 550 hardware stores has two screens: one that is "customer facing", and one that is "employee facing", each providing unique and independent content to address both those in-store audiences. Each of these screens is controlled by Scala's InfoChannel Player software allowing the same network infrastructure to deliver unique targeted content to both audiences.

Hollywood & Highland Complex (Digital Billboards)Hollywood & Highland Complex

This 85-foot by 6-foot sign at Hollywood and Highland, the new entertainment/retail complex in Los Angeles, delivers news, advertising and revenue for developer Trizec/Hahn. The sign is driven by Scala software.

NLB (Financial Institution)NLB

The bank wanted a product that would portray the same qualities it hopes to impress upon its customers and fellow Europeans: incomparable quality, unbeatable reliability, and sophistication. Within days of installation, Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) knew they had found that in Scala InfoChannel, the culmination of over a dozen years pioneering the industry.

Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management (Government)Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management

To ensure that critical information is rapidly updated, southern Florida's Office of Emergency Management ("OEM") needed a software system that could display immediate changes. For this, OEM turned to Scala, Inc., and Scala's InfoChannel software to continuously update information without service interruptions.

World's Best Shopping Center Shopping Mall

Scala's Turkish reseller NextGenerationMedia (NGM A.S.) has developed and installed a full media solution in one of Turkey's major shopping malls, Akmerkez.

More Profiled Customers

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These are some of the recent success stories from around the world.

Founded in 1987, with over more than than 19 years of experience in this field. This makes Scala the World leader in Dynamic Digital Solutions.

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