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Dobby Sampling - CCI

ScotWeave CAD/CAM for everything in weaving

World’s most advanced system for designing and producing stunning designs in just moments. You don't have to be a very advanced weaver. A novice can make very complex weaves in just minutes. The system works for Dobby, Jacquard, Terry Towel and Velvets.

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CCI Tech. Automatic Dobby Sampling Loom

The great way of making samples whether Dyed yarn, full dobby weaves, double layered fabrics or any type of category dobby. The sample comes out in only 2 to 3 hours. Size the yarn in sample sizer and make warp same time in one go with only one each cone of different colors. Wind on the beam and bring to loom just draw-in and weave

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    Some of our major clients       

  • Gul Ahmed

  • Nishat Mills

  • Kohinoor Weaving

  • Al-Karam

  • Sapphire

  • M-Tex

  • Friendship Textiles

  • Chenab Group

  • Alpha Fabrics

  • Razi sons

  • Dawood lawrencepur



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